The Magic of a Women’s Retreat

This past October I packed my (very large) suitcase and hopped aboard a (very long) flight to Bali, Indonesia. I went as part of a We Are Travel Girls womens retreat focused on learning about blogging and exploring the beautiful island. To say I had a blast would be an understatement. We visited waterfalls, beautiful beaches, chill lunch spots, a monkey sanctuary, and gorgeous temples to name a few places. We also learned a ton about blogging and business. I left the retreat with about a million photos, and an equal number of note pages from our lessons. It was amazing!

Probably the coolest thing about the retreat, however, was the group of women I shared it with. There we were, a group of strangers from all over the globe, coming together for 10 whole days of shared meals, rooms, and bus rides. Some people may wonder how that could possibly end well, but I can honestly say the ladies were all amazing and completely inspired me with their unique stories.

I think sometimes we get so used to seeing the same people and having the same familiar conversations that when we take a step outside that comfort zone, even for a short while, it can almost replenish our soul. I remember one particular bus ride, where I had the back seat to myself. I sat peacefully, taking in the scenery as we drove along. I couldnt help but overhear the conversations going on within the rest of the group, and I remember being struck for a moment with the greatest realization. Everyone was talking about ideas. A few were talking about business plans, a few were talking about places they were planning on visiting and what they wanted to see there. Nobody was talking about other people.

How often do you do that in your everyday life?  I feel like for me, most of my everyday conversations end up being about other people. Hows this person doing, or did you hear this about this person?  Dont get me wrong, theres nothing wrong with catching up on peoples lives.  But it was very refreshing to be in a group where that wasnt really an option, because none of us knew any of the same people.  Instead we talked about our dreams and our stories.

Moral of the story is if you ever get the chance to take a womens retreat, my advice is definitely do it!  I went without knowing a soul, and left with a group of new friends all around the world.  The best experiences are always on the other side of your comfort zone.

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