Money Blocks: What They Are and How To Break Them

The term money block is one fairly new to my vocabulary, so if you arent familiar with it dont feel bad! Im here to enlighten you.  I first learned about money blocks when I got started in reading personal development books.  Before then, I was very aware of money and the fact that I needed to make it, but had never given thought to the feelings I had surrounding money. 

So let me ask you, what comes to mind when you think of money? What feelings come up?  For me, as far back as I can remember money has always been a stressor, and fear has been a common feeling associated with it.  Fear of debt, fear of spending, fear of losing money or having it taken from me.  These are common feelings that people have when they really stop to think about the concept of money. 

“You will not make large amounts of money if you do not believe it is an option for you.”

That fear, however, may be keeping you from reaching the earning potential that you deserve.  Simply put, you will not make large amounts of money if you do not believe it is an option for you.  As humans, we love running towards comfort.  We run towards comfort in our surroundings, and we run towards comfort in our beliefs.  What if I told you that you have the potential to be very rich?  What feelings come up now?

For me, believe it or not, the idea of rich brings up feelings of shame. I have this deep seeded idea that being rich is a bad thing. In high school we would make fun of the other school in town for being rich kids.  In college I lived up to the poor college student title and wore it with pride. After graduation, and several failed interviews, I resigned to my status of underemployed, and licked my wounds with statistics on the poor state of the economy. 

My money blocks run deep folks!  They do not go away over night either, and I continue to catch myself thinking and talking negatively about money.  Im not writing this from a place of luxury. I am writing this as someone very much in the thick of breaking down money blocks.

So how do you break them down?

Lets all say it together, the first step is acknowledgement.  Once you realize 1. that money blocks are a real thing, and 2. that you have them, then you can start to slowly change your mental dialogue.  One thing that I continuously remind myself is that good people need to have money.  The fact is, there is a lot of money out there circulating, and this idea that in order to be a good person you need to stay below a certain means is silly.  Good people need money to support good businesses and good causes.

So the next time you catch yourself thinking or talking negatively about money, try changing the script. Try being grateful for the things you have been able to do or have as a result of spending money. Remind yourself that money is meant to flow, not sit stagnant.  Affirm that what you spend will come back to you doubled. 

Im not telling you to go out and throw your money around, Im just saying it doesnt help you to worry so much when you need to spend it.  Try shifting your money mindset by speaking positively about money, and see the difference it can make. 

If you have been thinking about asking for a raise for the past 3 years, take this as a sign to do so tomorrow

Lastly, know your own worth.  If you are like me and are starting a business, charge fairly for the value of your products or services.  Dont feel guilty, and dont feel like you need to give everyone you know a discount!  If you have been thinking about asking for a raise for the past 3 years, take this as a sign to do so tomorrow.  If you have been wanting to start that side-hustle but arent sure you have what it takes, believe in yourself!  The only thing stopping you is YOU.  Believe that you can do it and you can!

Sorry this turned into a motivational speech, but also not sorry at all.



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