4 Reasons to Embrace Solo Travel

Dont get me wrong, I love a good girls trip (see The Magic of a Women’s Retreat). Romantic getaways with the significant other are great for creating memories, and the funniest stories usually come from family vacations. If you are looking to really experience a new place, however, I highly recommend giving solo travel a try. Here are a few reasons why I love travelling solo:

1. Freedom

While I love my friends and family, travelling together can sometimes be tricky. People have different priorities as far as what they want to see and do.  It can be tough to please everyone.  When traveling solo you cut out that debate.  If you want to sleep in you dont have to be concerned about holding anyone up, if you want to get up early you can do so. You dont have to worry if anyone else is having fun and can instead spend your time how you like.  This makes for a considerably less stressful trip.

2. Meeting People

When you travel with friends or family you are less likely to meet and connect with new people.  You typically spend your time with the people in your group, and your conversations stay within your group.  When you travel solo, at least in my experience, you are more likely to strike up conversations with strangers.  You arent pressed by anyone elses time and are able to stop and have conversations more freely.

3. Solitude

There is something therapeutic about spending time alone. Even if the thought of taking a solo trip doesnt appeal to you, I would still encourage you to get out and explore your local area solo once in a while.  Take yourself out for lunch someplace new or plan a solo hike.  Changing up our routine and taking time for yourself can be so refreshing.

4.Experiencing the Local Life

When you travel solo it is much easier to feel immersed in the local culture.  Having also travelled in groups, I know full well that the more people you have walking together the more you stand out. When you travel alone you can blend in easier.  Rather than focusing on what your group is doing, you can pay attention to your surroundings and what the locals are doing. You may see a cute little coffee shop to sit and enjoy a drink in, while travelling with others it is harder to stray off the days planned activities.

I love all kinds of travel, and there is definitely something to be said about the bonding experience of adventuring with friends and loved ones. My main point is not to limit yourself to what other people are doing. If there is something that you want to see or do, dont be afraid to go it alone.

Happy Travels,


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